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Value Added Asset Management Services
IBM-Tivoli Asset Management Installation & Configuration Services
IBM-Tivoli Asset Management, Enables effective management of the IT asset lifecycle, to lower cost, mitigate license and regulatory compliance risk, and better align IT with business goals.
* Installing and configuring Tivoli Asset Management on supported platform
* Help control the cost of IT assets with a single solution that tracks and manages your hardware, software and related information throughout their life cycle.
* Optimize IT asset utilization and IT service levels: deploy not more, not less.
* Closely align IT with business requirements through IT asset cost and usage information.
* Reduce IT asset cost by redeploying underutilized assets and avoiding software overlicensing.
* Relevant contract, lease, warranty and license data minimizes procurement &maintenance expenses and helps negotiate contract renewals.
* Improve Service Desk quality & incident resolution time with accurate IT asset information
Services Provided :
* Develop components of a multiple-site and multiple-organization environment
* Create and connect people records to other related records
* Set up security and users
* Create and define location hierarchies
* Set up key elements for an organization
* Discover and create assets
* Manage the life cycle of an asset
* Perform reconciliation tasks
* Create workflow processes
* Generate reports
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