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Value Added Content Management Services
IBM-Content Manager and IBM FileNet Installation & Configuration Services
IBM Content Manager and IBM FileNet provide enterprise infrastructure software to manage digital information in a database environment
IBM DB2 Content Manager and IBM FileNet:
Document management capabilities make it easy to work with electronic office
documents in DB2 Content Manager and IBM FileNet. It provides Version control, ODMA support, Index
Class, Resource Manger replication and LAN cache
Services Provided :
Our professional services technical team performs administration and customization of
IBM CM system to meet corporate enterprise needs.
This includes the following:
* Designing CM architecture and Data Model
* Installing and configuring the CM Windows Client
* Administrating CM tools and functions
* Configuring and using document routing
* Implementing user access and security
* Installing the CM portions of an Enterprise Information Portal system
* Mapping requirements to the required CM components of Enterprise Information
* Installing and configuring the CM eClient
* Configuring system-managed storage
* Configuring Tivoli Storage Manager
* Authenticating via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
* Identifying the factors that impact performance
* Applying problem determination tools and methodology
Supported Platforms :
* Linux
* Solaris
* Windows 2000, Windows NT
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