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Value Added Information Management Services
IBM-Database Management Installation & Configuration Services
IBM-Database Management, Pre and post relational DBMS, relational DBMS and object-oriented DBMS and software to define and deploy databases
It is designed to meet the relational database server needs of mid- to large-size
businesses. It can be deployed on Linux, UNIX, or Windows servers of any size, from
one CPU to hundreds of CPUs. DB2 is an ideal foundation for building on demand
enterprise-wide solutions, such as large data warehouses of multiple terabyte size or
high performing 24x7 available high volume transaction processing business solutions,
or Web-based solutions. It is the database backend of choice for industry-leading ISVs
building enterprise solutions, such as, Business Intelligence, Content Management,
e-Commerce, ERP, CRM, or SCM. Additionally, DB2 ESE offers connectivity,
compatibility, and integration with other enterprise DB2 and Informix data sources.
Services Provided :
Our professional services technical team performs the routine tasks of a DB2 Universal
Database Systems Administrator using the tools and commands needed to configure
and maintain instances and database objects.
This includes the following:
* Configuring and maintain DB2 instances
* Manipulating databases and database objects
* Optimizing placement of data
* Controlling user access to instances and databases
* Implementing security on instances and databases
* Using DB2 activity monitoring utilities
* Using DB2 data movement and reorganization utilities
* Developing and implement Database recovery strategy
* Interpreting information in the db2diag.log file
Supported Platforms :
* Linux
* Solaris
* Windows 2000, Windows NT
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