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Value Added Unified Communication Service
IBM- Lotus Connections Installation & Configuration Services
IBM Lotus Connections is social software designed specifically for business.
Improvements to Communities :
Communities can be enhanced with additional tools: communitiy activities,
blogs, files, and wikis. Community discussion forums have a new look and now
show the number of replies for each topic; community owners can customize
the look of their community and move widgets around on the community's home
Wikis :
* Wikis let you create sites to collaboratively author and share documents.
* Built-in revision history makes it a snap to roll back to previous versions.
Files :
Files makes sharing files with other people a snap, and reduces inbox bloat.
Mobile access :
Support for mobile browser to Lotus Connections Profiles.
Federated Updates :
The Connections home page has a new Updates tab that lets you see news items
relevant to you from across your social network. Use the "discover" tab to
easily browse content from across all of connections.
Microblogging :
Profiles now features status updates and a profile "board" that lets you
easily post messages to other users' profiles. Go to the profiles home page
to see a list of status updates for all the people in your social network.
Discover profiles by expertise with the organization-wide tag cloud.
Improved Search :
Easily search all connections applications, and filter by tags, person, or time range.
Activities & Blogs feature Community Integration :
Tired of adding the same people to an activity or blog in order to share it
with them? Use a community to start group-centric activities or blogs.
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