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Value Added Portal Services
IBM-WebSphere Portal Installation & Configuration Services
IBM-WebSphere Portal,The IBM Web Sphere Portal helps you quickly build scalable portals to simplify and accelerate access to personalized information and applications.
Services Provided :
Our professional services technical team is capable to perform the installation of the
base IBM Portal Server product, portlet deployment, configuring the portal, introducing
authentication and authorization, creating and maintaining user and group profiling,
deploy and perform the day to day administrative tasks for IBM Web Sphere, this
includes the following:
* Installing and configuring WebSphere Portal on a new/existing WebSphere Application Server
* Installing and activating portlets and portlet applications
* Administrating portal resources using Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Access and other command line tools
* Implementing and managing Web Sphere Portal clusters
* Creating portal users and groups and exercising access control options to
manage their usage of portal resources
* Administrating search functionality, Web clipping, and cooperative portlets
Supported Platforms :
* Linux
* Solaris
* Windows
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