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Value Added SOA Services
IBM-WebSphere Process Server Installation & Configuration Services
IBM-WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere Process Server is the run time for composite applications authored by WebSphere Integration Developer. Based on the robust Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Version 1.4 infrastructure and associated platform services delivered by IBM WebSphere Application Server, Version 6.0, WebSphere Process Server includes a wide range of capabilities necessary to meet today’s business integration challenges. When combined with IBM WebSphere Business Monitor, WebSphere Process Server enables you to monitor and tune in-flight business processes.
Services Provided :
Our Professional services technical team performs the installation, configuration and
day-to-day tasks associated with ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of a
Websphere runtime environment. This includes the following:
* Installation in an enterprise environment (e.g. LDAP, database servers, Service
Integration Bus Technology (SIB), etc.).
* Installation and Configuration of Application Server
* Application Assembly and Deployment and Server Resource Configuration
* Implementing Security Policies (e.g., authentication and authorization (using
different security registries), etc.)
* Managing workload, scability and failover.
* Performing Maintenance and performance Tuning
* Performing cell administration (e.g., deployment manager, federate nodes; create
clusters, etc.)
Supported Platforms :
* Linux
* Solaris
* Windows
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