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Value Added Software Testing Services
IBM-Rational Testing Suite Installation & Configuration Services
Rational ClearQuest :
Rational ClearQuest, Rational ClearQuest is a defect tracking and change request management system.
* Reporting Defect Trends and Status
* Reporting Review and Work Status
* Changing States of a Change Request
* Submitting Change Requests
* Working with Queries
* Working with Charts
* Establishing a Change Request Process
* Defining Change and Review Notifications
* Viewing the History of a Defect
Rational Robot :
Rational Robot, lets you create, modify, and run automated functional tests on your
* Executing Test Suites
* Implementing Test Scripts
  Creating an Automated Performance Test Script
* Setting Up the Test Environment
Rational TestManager :
Rational TestManager, is the cornerstone of Rational’s testing tools, controlling and
managing all test activities.
* Creating a Test Plan
* Creating a Test Case
* Creating Performance Test Suites
* Executing a Test Suite
* Implementing an Automated Test Suite
* Performing Test Activities
* Viewing Requirement History
Services Provided :
Our Professional services technical team performs the following.
* Installing and configuring Rational Testing Suite on supported platform
* Find and document defects in software quality
* Advise on the perceived software quality.
* Validate and prove the assumptions made in design and requirement
specifications through concrete demonstration.
* Validate that the software product works as designed.
* Validate that the requirements are implemented appropriately.
Supported Platforms :
* Windows
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