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Value Added Storage Services
IBM-Tivoli Storage Manager Installation & Configuration Services
IBM-Tivoli Storage Manager, This storage management software from Tivoli protects you from the risks of data loss and helps you reduce complexity, manage costs and address compliance with data retention and availability requirements:
* Installing and configuring Tivoli Storage Manager on supported platform
* Improve business continuity by shortening backup and recovery times and maximizing application availability with advanced data recovery management technologies
* Employ data de-duplication and a hierarchy of storage to increase efficiencies and conserve resources
* Enhance data security with innovative access and encryption features
* Help adapt to changes within the IT infrastructure to minimize service disruptions and speed restorations and backups
* Help control storage management costs with ease-of-use features and integration with IBM network attached storage (NAS) products duration
* Increase visibility into the data protection environment by providing advanced features for operational monitoring and historical reporting
* Create customizable reports in multiple formats such as HTML, Adobe® Portable Document Formatting (PDF) and comma-separated values (CSV)
Services Provided :
* This services offering will help you upgrade your existing IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) environment to version 5.4; or migrate your current TSM Server version 5.3 or above to a new server platform with a similar Operating System.
Health Check Services
* Let us provide a health check of your current IBM Tivoli Storage Manager environment to help ensure your backups, disaster recovery plans, and data retention policies are operating effectively and efficiently, meeting your growth and performance requirements and are in line with IBM’s guidance for best practices.
QuickStart Services
* Provides pilot system design and review, system compatibility verification, installation in a pilot environment, knowledge transfer, and documentation for Tivoli Storage Manager.
QuickStart — Backup and Restore of MaxDB
  Prepares you for the successful implementation of backup/restore processes for MaxDB databases by installing and configuring the solution in your pilot environment. It also provides transfer of information for you to be able to deploy MaxDB backup/restore into your operational environment.
Supported Platforms :
* HP®-UX
* Windows®
* Sun® Solaris
* OS/390® z/OS
* Linux x86_64
* Linux x86
* Linux zSeries
* Linux on Power
* Linux on Itanium 2 (Linux IA64)
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